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The Disinfecting Business offers a fast, simple and complete solution for your business; big or small.  In these uncertain times it is essential to comply with elevated hygiene standards set by the A.R.T.G. to maintain a safe workplace and confident staff.  Our advanced method quickly and thoroughly disinfects any workplace making compliance easy.  Book your service daily, weekly, forthrightly or monthly based on your specific requirements.  We do our job, so you can do yours.

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Clean is Not Enough

Cleaning removes dirt off of surfaces but does not disinfect. Embedded in dirt is all manner of germs and viruses, even fungi, so cleaning alone is no longer enough. Disinfecting on the other hand actually kills germs and viruses. Current evidence suggests that COVID-19 may remain active for hours, even days on surfaces and has the potential to live on porous surfaces like clothing or a couch for as much as three days.  Regular, professional disinfecting reduces the opportunity for viruses to remain active.  

Give Your Employees Peace of Mind

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Safe Work Australia has recently released guidelines for workplaces to follow in relation to COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection. The Tasmanian Government’s COVID-19 Safe Workplaces Framework requires business owners to take care of the health, safety and welfare of all workers and customers. This includes taking steps to eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Safe for You, Your Family and Your Pets

The best way to stop the spread of deadly viruses is through prevention. Our disinfectants strong virucidal properties kills viruses and bacteria in seconds, however it is also a safe product with ingredients that are eco-friendly and won’t harm you, your family or your pets. Our broad-spectrum mister disperses fine micron particles targeting all areas of your home in a short period of time allowing you to reenter approximately half an hour after treatment.

Keep Customers Loyal to You

The business world has changed dramatically in a short time but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get on with business as usual. The key is taking the right precautions to ensure a safe environment where customers feel confident that everything that can be done, has been done to protect them. When you use our disinfection services, your business will be listed with SHIELD, an online registry where consumers can check which business locations have been disinfecting against COVID-19 and other viruses.

Feature & Benefits

  • Little or no downtime
  • We work to your schedule – after closing time or between shifts and seatings
  • Odorless and with no harmful or unpleasant fumes
  • Quick drying
  • No residual film on surfaces
  • Non-Toxic, environmentally-friendly and biodegradable
  • Food-grade and water soluble
  • Hypoallergenic and non-flammable
  • Safe for family and pets (although you may need to cover your fish tank)
  • Non-abrasive to surfaces
  • Safe on fabrics
  • Disinfects all surfaces including hard to reach places
  • No need to move equipment or furniture
  • Affordable and friendly pricing for ongoing implementation
  • Trained technicians that wear full PPE on the job at all times
  • Fully insured
  • Seal of approval to highlight your efforts to maintain a safe environment
  • Australian-made disinfection ingredients

Our Packages

Health and safety is our priority

The protection of your people, customers, and our service personnel is our top priority. The Disinfecting Business’s specialists wear appropriate protective gear while on the job. In cases where there has been a COVID-19 exposure, we will work with you to set up a special staging area for donning and removing this protective gear to further protect your facility.

Utilizing The Disinfecting Business’s disinfection service not only provides you peace of mind, but it demonstrates your brand’s commitment to safety.  We do our job so you can do yours.

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